Organic CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs, Cats & Pets (3.7 / 7.5 mg CBD)

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Brand Name - Joy Organics
Country of Origin - United States

What is Organic CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs, Cats & Pets (3.7 / 7.5 mg CBD)

Introducing Joy Organics' Organic CBD Oil Tincture for Pets - a carefully crafted solution designed to promote the well-being of your beloved furry friends. With our USDA Certification, we assure you that every drop is infused with the utmost quality and dedication to your pet's health and wellness.

This pet-friendly tincture is formulated with just two premium ingredients: organic olive oil and organic broad spectrum hemp extract. The organic olive oil acts as a smooth, easily digestible carrier oil, while the broad spectrum hemp extract introduces a world of health benefits from CBD, all without any detectable (0.0%) THC. This ensures that your pet receives all the natural benefits of CBD without any psychoactive effects.

Our pet tincture stands as a testament to our commitment to purity, potency, and simplicity. The uncomplicated formula is free from artificial additives and unnecessary ingredients, offering your pet a natural way to promote calm, balance, and overall wellness.

Administered directly into your pet's mouth or mixed into their favorite food, this CBD oil tincture provides a fast-acting, stress-relieving solution for pets that struggle with anxiousness, discomfort, or aging-related issues.

Treat your pets to the wholesome wellness solution they deserve with Joy Organics' Organic CBD Oil Tincture for Pets. It's not just a product—it's our pledge to provide your pet with the same quality of care and wellness that we'd want for our own furry family members.