Full Spectrum Tincture (Unflavored) (30 mg, 45mg & 75 mg)

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Brand Name - Joy Organics
Country of Origin - United States

What is Full Spectrum Tincture (Unflavored) (30 mg, 45mg & 75 mg)

Discover the pure, uncomplicated benefits of CBD with our Unflavored Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture. Certified organic by the USDA and designed with minimalism and versatility in mind, this tincture contains only two ingredients—organic MCT oil and full-spectrum hemp extract.

Our unique formula delivers a full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids (less than 0.3% THC), terpenes, and flavonoids, harvested from responsibly grown hemp plants. By maintaining the full integrity of the hemp plant, our tincture provides the synergistic benefits of the whole plant, often referred to as the "entourage effect."

The absence of flavoring in this tincture doesn't compromise its effectiveness but instead allows for its seamless integration into your daily routine. Whether you add a few drops to your morning coffee, incorporate it into your favorite recipes, or apply it to your skin mixed with a massage oil, this tincture offers an easy way to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your life. Alternatively, you can take it directly under your tongue, day or night, for a straightforward approach to CBD wellness.

Every bottle comes with a dropper for precise measurement, helping you find the perfect serving size for your personal needs. As with all our products, this tincture is third-party tested to ensure potency and purity, offering you nothing but the best nature has to offer.

Whether you're new to the world of CBD or a long-time advocate, our Unflavored Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture delivers a natural, straightforward option for those seeking the versatile benefits of CBD.