Bone & Heart Support

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Manufacturer - Bodycane (100% Natural Supplement)
Country of Origin - United States
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What is Bone & Heart Support

Support your skeletal and cardiovascular health with Bodycane's Bone & Heart Support capsules. Our expertly formulated capsules contain a comprehensive blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts designed to fortify your body's vital systems.

Each Bodycane Bone & Heart Support capsule is packed with nutrients like Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and Omega-3 fatty acids, coupled with heart-friendly herbs like Hawthorn Berry. This synergistic blend is scientifically formulated to promote both bone health and cardiovascular wellness.

Unveil the compelling benefits of Bodycane's Bone & Heart Support capsules:

  1. Bone Health: The nutrients in our formula, particularly Vitamin D3 and K2, play a crucial role in maintaining bone density and promoting overall bone health.

  2. Cardiovascular Wellness: Omega-3 fatty acids and Hawthorn Berry help support a healthy cardiovascular system, promoting heart function and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

  3. Immune Support: Vitamins D3 and K2 are also essential for a healthy immune system, aiding your body's natural defenses.

  4. Energy Boost: The presence of Magnesium can support energy production in your body, helping to reduce fatigue and enhance overall vitality.

  5. Antioxidant Properties: Our blend includes powerful antioxidants that help protect your cells from damage by harmful free radicals.

Bodycane's Bone & Heart Support capsules provide a convenient solution to incorporate these key nutrients into your daily wellness regimen. Formulated for maximum absorption and efficacy, these capsules are designed to support your journey towards optimal health. With Bodycane, foster a holistic balance and vitality that comes from a robust heart and sturdy bones.

Ingredients: see Supplement facts.

Manufacturer Country: USA

Amount: 60 caps

Bruto Weight: 0.25lb (113g)